Sub-bottom Profiling Webinar!

Did you miss the Sub-bottom Profiling Webinar??

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Follow Dr. Peter Ramsay as he guides you through HYPACK® SUB-BOTTOM, our new, simple and easy-to-use solution for sub-bottom profiling. This single-channel or dual-channel system is used for shallow reflection seismic profiling and is a powerful tool in many common applications, including offshore, coastal and port engineering and geotechnical site surveys, renewable energy surveys, dredging studies, mineral exploration and habitat mapping projects. The interpreted data from these systems includes the thickness and qualitative sediment characteristics of the different sediment layers that comprise the sub-bottom strata.

Webinar highlights:

• See how you can expertly process & interpret your sub-bottom profiling data in a 2D & 3D environment using HYPACK® SUB-BOTTOM.

• Demonstration & tips on acquiring high quality sub-bottom profiling data to ensure project success.

• Learn how to interface to your sub-bottom profiling system.

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