HYPACK Takes Part in Klein Side Scan Sonar Training

HYPACK Takes Part in Klein Side Scan Sonar Training

Klein Marine Systems, Inc. recently hosted their 2017 Side Scan Sonar Training in Rye, New Hampshire, and HYPACK was excited to take part! Programmer, Joseph Adamski, and Support Technician, Rob Baird, attended the three-day training event to represent HYPACK. Vince Capone (Black Laser Learning) was the trainer for a group of 24 students that included hydrographers, oceanographers, law enforcement officers, and archaeologists. The first two days consisted of in-house training at the Seacoast Science Center, while the third day featured a ride-along side scan survey with Vince and various technicians from Klein.


Attendees were divided into two groups on the third day, so that each individual could maximize their training time on board the survey boat, the 50-foot R/V Gulf Challenger owned by the University of New Hampshire.


While one group went out on the survey boat, the other group stayed behind at the Seacoast Science Center, where HYPACK® Support Technician, Rob Baird was among software vendors giving hands-on training. Rob met with attendees in small groups to address side scan survey preparation, targeting, and mosaicking using HYPACK® 2017. HYPACK would like to thank Giueseppe DiStefano, Debbie Durgin, Richard Dentzman, and everybody else at Klein Marine Systems, Inc. for including us in their 2017 Side Scan Sonar Training Class. We look forward to taking part again in 2018 and beyond.

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FIGURE. 2017 Klein Side Scan Sonar Training class in Rye, N.H

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