New Releases & Program Updates

Thanks to great suggestions from our customers, we routinely add improvements to our software. New releases and updates are made available to our Maintenance Plan subscribers on our website. Typically, we release a new version every January. Updates and patches are issued immediately and become available on our website. You can contact our support group via e-mail ( if you have any issues downloading. Subscribers to our HYPACK Software Maintenance plan receive all updates and releases at no additional cost.

New Release

HYPACK 2018 v1.18.1.0 (32 Bit)      980.5 MB    (released 7/2/18)

HYPACK 2018 v1.18.1.0 (64 Bit)      1.1 GB        (released 7/ 2/18)

HYPACK 2018 VDatum                     641 MB


HYPACK 2018 v1.18.0.0 (64 Bit)      1.1 GB         (released 3/8/18)

HYPACK 2018 Updates available.  Please click here: SUPPLEMENTALS

Other Software

Sub-Bottom (64 Bit)  v17.1.0                483 MB        (released 8/1/17)

Sub-Bottom (32 Bit)  v17.1.0                444 MB        (released 8/1/17)

Marine Search v16.1.1                         251 MB        (released 5/21/18)

ViPer v16.0.5                                       1.59 MB        (released 1/17/17)

Previous HYPACK Versions

HYPACK 2017a (32 Bit)                 972 MB    (released 8/3/17)

HYPACK 2017a (64 Bit)                 1.05 GB   (released 8/3/17)

HYPACK 2017 (32 Bit)                   963 MB    (released 2/24/17)

HYPACK 2017 (64 Bit)                   1.02 GB   (released 2/24/17)

HYPACK 2017 VDatum                  640 MB

HYPACK 2016                                738 MB    (released 2/11/16)

HYPACK 2016a                              795 MB    (released 9/30/16)

HYPACK 2016 VDatum                  603 MB

HYPACK 2015                                583 MB    (released 2/18/15)

HYPACK 2015 VDatum                  611 MB

HYPACK 2014                                553 MB

HYPACK 2013a                              524 MB

Previous HYPACK Version Supplemental links available below (Supplementals are updated files only and require a full install of HYPACK before applying the updates.)

HYPACK 2017 and 2017a Updates available.  Please click here:  2017 & 2017a SUPPLEMENTALS

HYPACK 2016 Updates available.  Please click here:  2016 SUPPLEMENTALS


Note:  Download the supplemental zipped file.  Close HYPACK and extract the files to the HYPACK 20xx folder.  You will get a prompt to overwrite existing files and folders, choose yes to all.  If you do not get this prompt you might have the wrong extract location selected.  Once you have overwritten the existing files and folders reopen HYPACK.