HYPACK® 2017 IS RELEASED! - Monday, February 22, 2016

Ustream Videos Available From HYPACK 2017! - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Did you miss some of the training sessions at HYPACK 2017?

Don't worry because you can still view them on our Ustream account. All of the training presentations from the all three rooms at the HYPACK 2017 Training Event are uploaded to ustream.tv providing viewers with over 30 hours of HYPACK® training.

There are 39 hours of training from HYPACK 2017 listed at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hypack




-              Harold welcoming everyone to the conference and premiering the new HYPACK 2017 features

-              Introduction of the new 64-bit Single Beam Editor, “SBMax64”, by programmer Mike Kalmbach

-              Complete Multibeam hardware configuration, HYSWEEP survey and MBMax64 editing seminars

-              LiDar data processing with Dave Maddock

-              Five hours of Dredgepack instruction

-              Side scan configuration, survey, and targeting and mosaicking

-              Demonstration of processing tools and creation of final products

-              Joint sessions with HYPACK and ISS (ViPer software) and SonTek (M9 sonar and CastAway CTD) Tech Support.  

SurvTech Solutions, Inc. selects the NEXUS 800 as their Aerial Mapping Solution - Thursday, January 12, 2017





The next evolution in Unmanned Aerial Mapping


SurvTech Solutions, Inc. selects the NEXUS 800 as their Aerial Mapping Solution

NEXUS 800 powered by HYPACK provided to southeastern geospatial solutions company: When asked why SurvTech chose the HYPACK Solution, President David O’Brien said the answer is simple.






“Our goal was to acquire upland data simultaneous with subaqueous data and make a seamless point cloud of upland and submerged data. The integration of the Puck with our heading RTK GPS, IMU and sonar was extremely straightforward and HYPACK was there every step of the way. Since that integration, we have been collecting mobile LiDAR with the HYPACK solution from our boats and trucks and are extremely happy with the datasets.”

On HYPACK Tech Support:“Anytime we have an issue, HYPACK tech support is just one phone call away. So HYPACK is already our solution for mobile LiDAR acquisition, so it makes complete sense to stay with the solution that works when moving to the UAV platform” –David O’Brien, President of SurvTech Solutions, Inc.

Survey Tech Solutions Logo

Why did you choose the NEXUS 800?

“When planning to equip a UAV copter with the Puck sensor, heading RTK GPS, IMU and computer processing board, we realized we would need a commercial grade copter that would be extremely robust and have built in redundancy. When estimating the cost of purchasing the components, including an onboard computer and software that would integrate the LiDAR and position data, we found the NEXUS to be the right solution, based on familiarity with system, quality, price and HYPACK’s technical support. We would be utilizing a mobile LiDAR solution that we were already familiar with, and leave the UAV construction and integration to the experts at HYPACK. All those reasons, combined with their phenomenal tech support would simplify the transition of mobile LiDAR to the UAV platform for SurvTech.” - David O’Brien, President of SurvTech Solutions, Inc.

The NEXUS 800
The NEXUS 800 powered by HYPACK is a full end-to-end solution that represents a new paradigm in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data collection by seamlessly harmonizing LiDAR data with photogrammetry. The NEXUS 800 is an out of the box turnkey system that tightly integrates hardware and software to provide an advanced and seamless solution for LiDAR survey planning, data acquisition, post processing and analysis, and product creation. The NEXUS 800 UAV represents our commitment to the surveying and mapping community seeking a true end-to-end solution leveraging the various expertises from HYPACK, Infinite Jib, SBG Systems, and Velodyne onto one compact solution. Powered by our HYPACK-HYSWEEP mapping software, the operator can plan, acquire, and process the LiDAR and Photogrammetry data onboard a high powered Windows PC and high performance UAV allowing for rapid analysis and product creation of a variety of CAD and GIS formats.

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Download the brochure and watch this video to learn more about the new NEXUS 800 UAV system powered by HYPACK.

About SurvTech Solutions, Inc.
SurvTech Solutions, Inc. is your geospatial solutions provider throughout the southeastern United States. SurvTech takes a common sense approach to surveying by blending both “old school” methods and the latest advances in technology. SurvTech prides itself on the quality of work performed, standards for accuracy, and it’s can-do attitude approach. These are direct results from the firm’s core values which empower it’s employees, who, in return, make a positive difference for clients. To learn more about SurvTech Solutions, Inc. please visit their website: http://survtechsolutions.com/



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