Check out the winners from both our HYPACK® Screen Capture Contests. We had lots of wonderful entries throughout the year. Thank you to all who participated.

Second Contest - Winner 1: Dave Murrell - Senior Hydrographic Surveyor

All data was interfaced into HYPACK / HYSWEEP 2014, and acquired simultaneously. Positioning was by way of RTK with corrections injected directly into the POS MV providing a Closely Coupled Solution.
Data was processed in MBMAX 64Bit and all the images are screen shots from the CLOUD Window viewer.

First Contest - Winner 1: Carpenter, Gareth - Renmark South Australia

Here is a HYPLOT screen capture of a wrecked vessel Gareth found in the River Murray at Morgan South Australia. It was surveyed with a r2sonic 2022 and Novatel Span INS in HYSWEEP®. After some research he tracked down its name etc. and found an original picture of the vessel.


First Contest - Runner Up: Matt Kaplinski - School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

This screen capture is of a 25cm grid of multibeam survey of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. This is from river mile 60.7 to 61.0 collected on 5/4/2014, overlaid on orthophotograph of aerial imagery collected in May of 2009. Survey collected with HYPACK® and HYSWEEP® SURVEY, edited in MBMAX64.