The SHD4-40 Serial Helmsman Display has been designed to provide essential information to the Helmsman when performing navigation or while running survey lines. It is small, lightweight, and rugged - well suited to small boat operations. The SHD4-40 has been tailored to interface to the HYPACK SURVEY software suite. Power and data are supplied via a single 4 - conductor cable making installation very simple and quick. Information is displayed on a super-twist 4 line X 40 character LCD display with LED back-light. Operator controls have been kept to a minimum and the only external adjustment is the back light intensity. A universal stand is provided that can be mounted on a desktop, wall or deck, and allowing installation in most environments. In addition to the text based values an analog, auto-ranging, bar-graph type left / right indicator is also included. While not waterproof the SHD4-40 can withstand rain, spray and most conditions experienced in the hydrographic survey environment.


The LCD3 Helmsman Display provides useful navigation information for the boat operator. The LCD3 Display is interfaced to the computer via the parallel connection port.



Most notebooks today do not have any serial ports. Serial ports can be added by using the PCMCIA slot on the computer. These cards, available with one, two or four serial ports on a single card. They are available for both PCMCIA slots and Express slots (found on smaller laptops).

Quatech Card

Additional serial ports can also be added to desktops by using special serial cards (ISA or PCI), and through the ethernet port with an external box to create up to 16 additional serial ports.

Parallel Event Box

A Parallel Event Box is used to generate a contact closure to provide event marks for older style recorders. The Parallel Event Box can operate through a parallel port interface or USB port.

1PPS Box

The 1PPS Box improves time-tagging by reducing the clock sync error to less than 1 msec. between the T0 pulse of your ZDA string (UTC time) and HYPACK's Veritime. Installed between the GPS and the computer with a DB9 serial interface card. It is powered by a 12-volt power adapter with a barrel type connector for the 1PPS box.