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Need Help Learning HYPACK ®? HYPACK offers a wide range of training opportunities

We believe training is a key component in successful hydrographic surveys. Staying current with the latest technology will give your company a competitive edge and will enhance performance and productivity.

HYPACK, Inc. offers a flexible range of high quality training options. Our range of training options is designed to fit a variety of budgets and learning styles. HYPACK offers instructor-led training and self-tutorial material to teach HYPACK and hydrographic skills and best practices to perform and complete your surveys efficiently.

Here is a list of different training opportunities:



Did you miss The HYPACK 2016 Training Event?

Don't worry because you can still view some of the HYPACK 2016 presentations here!! All of the training presentations from the general room at the HYPACK 2016 Training Event are uploaded to providing viewers with 16 hours of HYPACK® training.


You can follow the presentations at or click the links provided below!



MB Configuration in HYSWEEP Hardware
MBMax64 Basic Editing 
Marine Search          






After completing any of our training options, you can test your HYPACK knowledge and skills by taking out online HYPACK® Certification Exam.

For additional questions on our HYPACK training opportunities or if you would like us to organize a seminar near you, please feel free to contact our sales team at