HYPACK Certification Test

**HYPACK 2017 Test Coming Soon**

This is a difficult test that is given upon the completion of a 3-day HYPACK Training Seminar. Users must demonstrate advanced knowledge in Survey Design, Hardware Configuration, Survey, Single Beam Processing, Sounding Selection, Multibeam Calibration and Processing, Volume Computations and General Hydrography in order to pass. Less than 5% of surveyors who take the test achieve a passing score.

You must have an online account to take the test. If you do not, please register to the site and try again.

To take the test, hit the "Take Test" link below. Each attempt will be logged and your progress will be saved. Once a test is complete, it cannot be edited, but you can take it as many times as you like. Your history of attempts and scores will be shown below.

You can only have one open attempt at a time. If you have an incomplete attempt in your test list, you will not have the link to start a new test. To finish a previously started test, click on that link in the "Your Tests" table below.

To pass the HYPACK Certification you need a score of 70 or better. When you start the test, you will sequentially go through the questions. You have to answer the question on the screen to move to the next, there will be no going back.