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With annual, monthly, and daily leasing options, our lease terms range from as little as 3 days to a full year. Take advantage of our latest features while enjoying the financial flexibility.

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DREDGEPACK® Supports Telestra Technologies MCAS


DREDGEPACK® now supports the Telestra Technologies MCAS for excavators and hydraulic cutter dredges.

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HYPACK, A Xylem Brand has been developing HYPACK®, HYSWEEP®, and DREDGEPACK® software solutions since 1984. With over 30 years’ experience, and over 10,000 users, HYPACK is a leading provider of hydrographic and dredging software worldwide, supporting over 400 different sensors and devices!

It provides the Surveyor with all the tools needed to design their survey, collect data, process it, reduce it, and generate final products. Whether you are collecting hydrographic survey data or environmental data, or just positioning your vessel in an engineering project, HYPACK provides the tools needed to complete your job.