HYPACK Q2 Software Update

The latest HYPACK® 2021 software update is ready for you to download!

The HYPACK 2021 Q2 Updates release is available for download and represents development and fixes that have been completed since the release of HYPACK 2021. If you are current on your maintenance plan, you can download and install the updated files over your HYPACK 2021 install to take advantage of the latest developments.

As always, our development is guided by two goals: to keep HYPACK on pace with developing technologies in the industry, and to support our customers’ needs in the office and in the field.

A spreadsheet with a detailed listing of developments and bug fixes is included in the HYPACK_2021_Q2_Update file posted on the New Releases and Updates Page of our website. You can also read more about many of these features in our Sounding Better! newsletter.

Our updates reflect requests and feedback from our users and will continue to do so. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at Help@hypack.com.


In this issue we cover our HYPACK LiDAR Payload On-Demand Webinar and Q&A Document, HYPACK 2022, and new HYPACK Team Members.

In the updated notes section we have articles that include the new ENVIRONMENTAL EDITOR for special marine instruments data, Exporting Profile Images from CROSS SECTIONS AND VOLUMES, ECHOTRAC E20 High-Quality Echogram, and much more!

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Can you use this update of HYPACK 2021?

If you are current on your Maintenance Plan subscription, you can download and run the HYPACK® 2021 Q2 Update. The new version is about 220 MB, so please ensure the entire file is downloaded prior to installing the software. To check your Maintenance Plan status or to renew it, please contact us directly at mp@hypack.com.