With more than 25 years of experience in the dredging industry, our HYPACK team can provide a complete and integrated dredging solution including our DREDGEPACK software and a variety of positioning, rotation sensors, inclinometers, pressure sensors, and other devices to meet all your needs from your complex environmental dredging project to the simple channel maintenance project.

DREDGEPACK® is designed to save you money. It keeps your crew working in the dredge cut and prevents them from wasting time and money by digging too deeply or outside the channel. DREDGEPACK® is designed to work with cutter suction, hopper, bucket and excavator operations.

Using tools in DREDGEPACK®, your SURVEY data is loaded into a color-coded matrix. Your survey data can come from single beam data, multibeam data or multiple transducer data. DREDGEPACK® will monitor the exact position and depth of the digging tool and keep track of an ‘As Dredged’ surface. You’ll be able to see exactly where your digging tool is in plan view and in profile view. You’ll also be able to see the channel design depth and channel overdepth in profile view

Dredging plans can be simple channels or complex surfaces, as created in the ADVANCED CHANNEL DESIGN program.


For a cutter suction dredge, typical inputs to DREDGEPACK® are a directional DGPS and an inclinometer to determine the angle of the ladder arm. DREDGEPACK® integrates to several commercially available inclinometers, or can read existing equipment using OPC Network interfaces or analog/digital cards.


For a hopper dredge, DREDGEPACK® also needs to be able to determine the exact draft of the vessel. Typical inputs for a hopper system include DGPS, ship’s gyro, and a bubbler system that provides forward/aft draft information and depth information at one or two points on each ladder arm.


DREDGEPACK® is used on many excavator operations. Typical inputs are a DGPS (or RTK DGPS), heading sensor and 3-inclinometer systems.


The HYPACK CRANE SYSTEM was added to the tools available to work with DREDGEPACK® to provide a cost-effective way to track the depth and position of the bucket on a clamshell dredge. The HYPACK CRANE SYSTEM consists of a series of sensors that are tied in with GPS positioning to determine the position and depth of the bucket. There is an angle sensor to determine the boom angle, a rotation sensor to determine the rotation of the lifting drum, and a switch box to calibrate the depth of the bucket and mark the bucket positions. After installation, the system can be calibrated by the operator with a single push of a button.


  • Real-time dredge monitoring system
  • Precise dredge positioning
  • Real-time surface visualization and updates
  • Ability to track multiple dredges simultaneously
  • Fast and easy recalibration
  • Custom development available
  • Compatible with HYPACK and other third party survey software
  • USACE DQM compliant
  • Worldwide support from our knowledgeable team
  • Remote support available