Customer Support

Technical Support is restricted to customers that are currently on the Maintenance Plan. If your Maintenance Plan has expired you will be directed to the appropriate department to renew the Maintenance Plan. If you have questions regarding this please contact the office at (860) 635-1500.

Below are the ways to contact the Technical Support Department at HYPACK


To call for support the number is  (860) 635-1500. This is usually the fastest way to request support. If you have a time sensitive issue, something that you need answered immediately, please call us.


To contact us please send an email to This email will be spread amongst the department and entered automatically into a system that tracks the issues our customers are having.

Live Chat

If you have internet access you can chat with a Technical Support Representative by navigating to the Support Website at there is a button on the left to access the Live Support technician during normal working hours.

Support System

Another method for support is to log into the Support system directly. When you go to the website at  there is a login option. If you do not have a login, there is an option to subscribe to support. By creating a login you will have access to all of the tools available from our Technical Support Department.

After Hours

If you call the office number outside of working hours, (860) 635-1500, press 9 to be connected to the after hours on-call technician. Depending on the time of day, the technician may not be available immediately but please leave a number and you will be contacted.