Soft License Help

A soft license is a dongle replacement option with web-based license activation and deactivation routines. There are activation and deactivation routines for when your HYPACK® computer has an Internet connection (online) or not (offline). (The offline routines require another online device and data transfer capablities between the two devices.)

  • USB-style hardlock keys will continue to work as normal. They will also work in tandem with the soft license. For example, a HYPACK® Max soft license and a HYSWEEP® hardlock will provide full HYPACK®/HYSWEEP® functionality.
  • ARCS and S63 chart permits are not supported by the soft license. You must continue using a hardlock license to use those permits.
  • Soft licenses require HYPACK® 2021 with the March updates or later.
  • You can activate/deactivate your soft license any number of times on any number of computers.
  • You can activate your soft license on only one machine at a time. If you want to activate it on another machine, you first must deactivate it where it is currently active.
  • 90-Day Offline Limit: The soft license requires that you refresh your license over the Internet at least every 90 days. Each time you refresh your license, your 90-day offline countdown resets.

NOTE: HYPACK® displays a reminder beginning 10 days before the end of your 90-day interval.

The easiest way to refresh your license is to connect your HYPACK® computer to the Internet and launch HYPACK®. Alternatively, you can use the offline deactivation and activation procedures. 

If you exceed the 90-day limit without refreshing your license, it will be deactivated and HYPACK® will run only in demo mode. If this happens, you must reactivate your license. You do not need a new activation key.

  • Lease or Maintenance Plan renewals: Renewals can be instantaneous after payment has been completed with our Sales department. Synchronize your HYPACK® computer with the online license server and you’re ready to go back to work! > For permanent licenses, deactivate and reactivate your license. Remember to copy the new LicenseFile.XML to the C:\HYPACK Store. > For Leased or Term licenses, just refresh your license as you do every 90 days.

The Soft License Technical Note provides detailed information:

  • Acquiring a Soft License
  • License Activation if your Computer is Online
  • License Activation if your Computer is Offline
  • License Deactivation if your Computer is Online
  • License Deactivation if your Computer is Offline