HYPACK – A Xylem brand is a world leader in software development for the hydrographic and dredging industry since 1984. Our software is one of the most widely used hydrographic software packages in the world, with more 10,000 users in over 140 countries.

Our commitment to the industry, and partnership with manufacturers, allow us to provide a solution for all you surveying needs; from a simple area to the most complex project, our software solution can help with the project

Our suite of software packages will provide you the tools needed to design your survey, collect your data, apply corrections to soundings, remove outliers and invalid points, plot field sheets, export data to CAD, compute volume quantities, generate contours, create side-scan mosaics and create/modify electronic charts.  Our hundreds of sensor inputs provide the connection for positioning – GPS and inertial systems, single beam and multibeam echosounders, sidescan and sub bottom sonars, magnetometers, velocity sensors, and more.  Our generic parser allows the user to create their own sensor input, allowing connections for nearly unlimited sensor input

Whether you are collecting hydrographic survey data, environmental data, or just positioning your vessel in an engineering project, the software will provide the tools needed.

HYPACK® provides the tools needed to complete your job for survey work with an echo sounder through a magnetometer. The HYSWEEP® software is our multibeam module that provides for the calibration, data collection and data processing of multibeam sonar and laser scanner data. DREDGEPACK® is our real-time dredge management system, designed to work with cutter suction, hopper, clamshell and excavator operations. In addition, we offer software for office and vessel only usage.

HYPACK continues to reach into new and expanding markets, adding our aerial drone for topographic mapping.  This product expands our survey from the traditional hydrographic and takes us on land for all your topographic needs. HYPACK continues our support for educational programs, and is involved in many university and academic programs around the world.  Our mission is not just to provide the tools needed for surveying applications, but to educated and train folks that need to do survey work