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A Software Package Designed for the Acquisition and Processing of Sub-Bottom Profiling Data

  • Overview

    HYPACK® Sub-bottom is our sub-bottom profiling (SBP) software package designed for marine geophysical, engineering & geotechnical site surveys, dredging, mining applications. It’s a simple and easy-to-use solution for all your Sub-bottom profiling survey requirements.

    The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model and a simplified hardware setup with the ability to setup up the preferred positioning systems together with numerous analog and digital sub-bottom profiling systems. 

    Easy to Configure & Acquire Sub-bottom Profiling Data

    The software is intuitive to configure by following a few basic steps:  Firstly define the project geodesy, configure the survey hardware, import background charts (ENCs & web maps), plan the survey lines then start the survey program to acquire the data.  Within the survey program the SBP system can be further configured & tuned.

    · Sub-Bottom Profiler: HYPACK® Sub-bottom supports numerous SBP systems, both analog and digital, from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

    · Accurate positioning for hull-mounted, towed or systems on unmanned vehicles (AUV or ROV). Hull-mounted systems require only a simple GPS. For towed systems, HYPACK® reads any of over a dozen cable counters, and performs layback calculations or USBL/LBL acoustic positioning can be utilized. Separate (AUV, ROV) navigation files (raw or EDT) are also supported in the full HYPACK® MAX package.

    · Two SBP systems, no interference: A sophisticated triggering system enables simultaneous acquisition of two different SBP systems with no acoustic interference between the systems.

  • Specifications
    Chart Plotting


    Cross Sections & Volumes


    Geodetic Utilities


    Line Planning and Preparation Editors


    Navigation & Vessel Positioning & AIS Support


    Subbottom Acquisition


    Subbottom Processing




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