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SBG Delayed Heave in HYSWEEP

Improving data accuracy by applying delayed heave from the SBG Inertial system in post-processing. Jan 2018

Using an SBG Ellipse D with HYPACK®/HYSWEEP®

SBG Ellipse D Inertial Positioning System Interfacing Notes- November 2015 Vitad Pradith

SBG_Velodyne Configuration

System configuration for the HYPACK LiDAR Payload. Focusses on configuration requirements beyond HYPACK HARDWARE. - April 2020 Jerry Knisley

2020 Update Release Notes

HYPACK 2020 Q1 Highlights

RTK and PPK Options for the New HYPACK LiDAR Payload

Suggested methods to stream RTK and PPK data to the HYPACK Lidar Payload. - April 2020 Hannah Marshburn

Input Echo Utility

Enables logging of Serial data in HYPACK SURVEY while also logging the raw data to a binary (*.bin) file. - April 2020 Ken Aiken

Adding Single Beam Echosounder Display in SURVEY

Configuring an echosounder display window in SURVEY for a second single beam transducer. - March 2019 Ivan Isaak

News for Latin America_November 2018

News for Latin America - November 2018

Setting up the Default TPU Parameters in MBMAX64

How to configure TPU (Total Propagated Uncertainty) initialization files for one or more hardware configurations and load the correct settings for your data in the Read Parameters of the 64-bit HYSWEEP EDITOR. - July 2018 Joe Burnett