Training Notes 2019

The following tables provide download links to PowerPoint training presentations used by HYPACK staff for training at our annual HYPACK Training Event.

Video files embedded within presentations may be too big to view online. For this reason, each link downloads a *.ZIP file that contains the PowerPoint presentation and corresponding (*.AVI) videos.

To view the training presentations:

  1. Download the *.ZIP file.
  2. Extract all content into the same folder on your computer.
  3. View the presentations. You need Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer or PowerPoint to run PPT presentations, and TechSmith TSCC video codec to watch the video files.

Alternatively, you can contact HYPACK to have us mail all presentations on a DVD or USB drive to you.

If you have any questions, please contact HYPACK Technical Support at 1 (860) 635-1500.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, downloads larger than 100 MB may fail. We are working to resolve the problem. In the meantime, you can access similar presentations from HYPACK 2019 HERE.


Title    English (EN)    Russian (RU)    Spanish (ES)
Introduction to HYPACK and Surveying 33MB 31.5MB 30.8MB
Sensor Theory 17.9MB 57.9MB 57.9 MB
Positioning - Geodesy and RTK 1.5MB 22.1MB 2.2MB

Single Beam Surveys

Title    English (EN)    Russian (RU)    Spanish (ES) 
Single Beam Hardware Configuration 32.3MB 32.4MB 32.3MB
HYPACK Survey 15MB 15.1MB 15MB
Single Beam Processing 5MB 5.7MB 5.6MB
Sounding Selection 3.1MB 3.2MB 3.1MB

Side Scan Surveys

Title    English (EN)  Russian (Ru)    Spanish (ES)
Side Scan Data Collection 84.3MB 84.9MB 84.8MB
HYSCAN: Side Scan Processing 6.7MB 7.3MB 7.4MB

Multibeam Surveys​

Title    English (En)    Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
Moving Up: Single Beam to Multibeam 6MB 6.2MB 6MB
Multibeam Surveys: Tips and Tricks 102MB  102MB 15.1MB
Multibeam Data Collection 51.9MB 52.2MB 52MB
Patch Test 8.4MB 8.4MB 8.3MB
Performance Test 9MB 9MB 9MB
Single Beam Test 3.6MB 3.6MB 3.6MB
Multibeam Data Processing 63MB 63.1MB 63MB
LiDAR Data Processing 47.5MB 47.6MB 47.5MB


Title    English (En)    Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
DREDGEPACK Operation 118.4MB 120MB 120 MB
DREDGEPACK Reporting 6.1MB 6.6MB 6.6MB

Sub-Bottom and Magnetometers

Title    English (En)    Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
Sub-bottom Collection 7.7MB 42MB 42.2MB
Sub-bottom Processing 10.9MB 53.2MB 53.2MB
Magnetometer Data Collection 1.2MB 1.8MB 1.8MB
Magnetometer Data Processing 5MB 5.9MB 5.1MB

Final Products ​

Title   English (En)     Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
HYPLOT - Plotting Survey Data 9.3MB 70.8MB 88.2MB
TIN Model 104MB 104 MB 104 MB
Export to CAD 2.7MB 18.1MB 18.1MB
ENC Editor 44.3MB 102MB 101.2MB
3D Terrain Viewer (3DTV) 15.9MB 16.5MB 16.5MB
3D Shapes in 3DTV 11.1MB 5MB 5MB
Final Product Wizard 11.7MB 11.9MB 11.8MB
Creating Geo-referenced TIFs 1.8MB 2.3MB 2.3MB
3D Printing 3.8MB 4.2MB 4.3MB


Title    English (EN)    Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
TIN-to-Level 25.5MB 11.5MB 23.5MB
TIN-to-Line (LNW) and Philadelphia Calculations 14.9MB 9.8MB 9.8MB
TIN-to-Channel (CHN) 17.6MB 18.6MB 18.5MB
TIN Stockpiles and Scour Holes 6.8MB 7MB 6.9MB
Volumes: TIN MODEL 9.2MB 9.3MB 9.5MB
Volumes: Basic Terminology &
Cross Sections and Volumes Intoduction
1.1MB 1.6MB 1.7MB
Volumes: Overdredge Material 0.5MB 0.6MB 1.1MB
Volumes:  Gaps and Templates 1.1MB 1.8MB 1.9MB
Volumes:  Slopes and Credits 0.6MB 1.1MB 1.3MB
Volumes: Understanding Infill 0.4MB 0.9MB 1MB
Volumes: Calculation Methods 0.5MB 1.2MB 1.3MB
Volumes: Beach Volumes 0.6MB 1.1MB 1.1MB
Volumes: Zones 1.3MB 1.9MB 1.9MB

Unmanned Systems

Title    English (En)    Russian (Ru)    Spanish (Es)
   Unmanned Systems 10.8MB 11.3MB 11.2MB
   NEXUS 12.2MB 12.7MB 12.7MB
  Ancillary Uses for HYPACK 8.9MB 9.4MB 9.2MB

Training Event Presentations